Franklin Police has teamed up with:

JustStolen.net was established by Police Officers to assist consumers and business owners retrieve lost or stolen valuables. The website is a powerful database that members can use to register their personal property. Once items are registered, law enforcement personnel can use the site to find the owners of recovered goods. No other website offers this remarkable service, and the benefits are great:
  • An easy-to-use website
  • Consumers and business owners only have to enter first name, email address and zip code, so registration is easy and secure
  • Law Enforcement has access to all registered property data that’s reported lost or stolen, including photographs
  • This robust database can be searched by numerous criteria including description, serial number, model number, VIN, and any number of other attributes
  • When the item is reported stolen, the member inputs the appropriate Police Department name, Report Number and phone number to assist your investigation
Once the item is recovered and the registered owner is identified, the Officer can simply email the owner or contact him through the police report. Your case is solved, the owner is identified, the property is returned to a happy consumer, and you have a victim that may assist in prosecution of the criminal. Best of all, it’s FREE! There is no charge to the consumer or Law Enforcement to use JustStolen.net